The importance of choosing the right kind of fittings for your home cannot be emphasized enough. Whether you are a homeowner, an interior designer, builder or an architect, choosing the right kind of fittings is imperative to ensure the convenience and comfort of the users.

The enormous amount of options available in kitchen faucets can be quite confusing to choose from. One of the most popular kinds of kitchen faucet is the all-in-one faucet without a separate sprayer. This kind of faucet is available in two options – a pull-down kitchen faucet or a pull-out kitchen faucet. There are some critical differences between both kinds of faucets and it may be really a matter of personal choice to see what features suit you the best.

Pulldown Faucet

Pull down faucets are a classy accessory. Not only do they instantly add class to any decor, but also increase the aesthetic appeal of the overall decor. They look extremely elegant with their ‘gooseneck’ type of faucet that is arc-shaped. Most of these faucets are characterized by industrial or rustic details making them quite suitable for almost all kinds of interior designs and styles. Their dramatic height makes them a central focus of kitchen decor. As for their utilitarian value, pull down faucets are a favourite for people who like the hand sprayer comfortable. This kind of faucet has a pull-down design that enables the spout to be pulled down and used as a manual hand sprayer. But bear in mind, they can splash a lot of water if the water force is too hard. They are especially great if you need to rinse soapy dishes or rinse food particles down the garbage disposal.

Pull-out Faucet

A pull-out kitchen faucet gives a rather traditional look to your kitchen. It resembles a deck-mounted faucet and takes up much less headroom as compared to the pulldown model. If you prefer simplistic and utility-based fittings for your kitchen, pull out faucet is a great option. As compared to pull down faucets, pull out faucet are shorter in length. They are quite suitable for kitchen spaces that have cabinets over the sink. Pull-out faucets are less messy as they do not splash water due to a smaller size. Pull-out faucets can easily fill up pots and vases on a nearby countertop.

While as there some design differences in both kinds of faucets, their method of usage differs. You need to ascertain what kind of design serves your comfort and purpose and choose a style. One of the key difference to consider is the direction of a sprayer from the faucet base. If you are not used to the direction and the force of water, it can be challenging to use a certain type of faucet. Usually, avid cooks prefer the pull-down style as taller pots and vessels can be easily filled with them. However, pull-down faucet means, the depth of your sink must be more than average otherwise, you are potentially looking at a splashed water mess. Conversely, a pull out faucet needs a shallower sink so that it is convenient to use the sprayer.

If you are still confused about what kind of faucet should you choose, speak to an expert from Mangell Plumbing & Heating. Their team of fully licensed and trained experts can help you provide great insights into choosing the right kind of fittings for your home.