Plumbing is a task that is best left to licensed professionals. Try installing a dishwasher or even a simple faucet and you may understand what we mean. Improperly installed kitchen and bathroom fixtures can lead to leakage, damage and higher water bills. The appliance may not perform to its optimal capacity too.



Dripping faucets can result in water wastage and escalate your water bills. It’s best to replace them with a new one to avoid further expenses and hassles.


If your water heater malfunctions, you may want to consider installing a new one for higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

appliance installation

Our staff is trained to help you install a water filter or ice machine that is reliable and durable.


Hard water stains can lead to scale buildup that can hinder water flow and leave unwanted deposits in your pipes, fixtures, and faucets.          Call us to resolve the problem with hard water softening equipment.

BOILER Installation

If your boiler has done its time and you need an upgrade to enhance comfort, reach out to us.

appliance & plumbing vent installation

Call us to install and maintain vents, stove, exhaust fans, heating units, hot heaters and more for safety and comfort.

toilet Installation

Unkempt, leaking toilets are unhygienic, unappealing and a health hazard. Upgrade to modern fixtures for greater efficiency, aesthetic appeal and keep your bathroom looking clean and inviting.


Furnace repair and installation involves the process of fixing any issues with an existing furnace system or setting up a new one in a home or building.

garburator installation

We are experts at installing and upgrading garburators and all other residential plumbing requirements such as sump pump to keep your basement dry and mould free.


You need to make sure that plumbing installations are watertight and scheduler regular inspections to keep them in good condition. If your service provider in unlicensed, there will be no one to fix malfunctions later when they arise.

Licensed professionals will fix it for free within the warranty period.